2021 Exhibition

2021 Exhibition

Merritt Design-Tech-Management Exhibition

For the 2021 Merritt Design-Tech-Mangement Exhibition we have created a SHOWCASE feature on the Merritt Awards website to collect links to online portfolios.  We are seeking portfolios in scenic design, costume design, lighting design, projection design, props, stage management, backstage work, technical direction, costume technology, sound technology, production management and all other associated specialties. Exhibitors will be able to place themselves in multiple categories to present to the world their multi-hyphenate selves.

This digital event will be held on Monday May 17th, 5:00pm- 6:00pm 

We’ll be doing a ‘speed dating’ format. Each attendee will spend 15 minutes with 3 different exhibitors and their online portfolio. Past student have really valued talking on on one with directors, Artistic Directors, Designers who work with assistants, and Production Managers; and so we are looking to create a few of those experiences for this year’s graduates.

We are also eager to include last year’s graduates. 

While our focus for this year’s exhibition is on graduates of this and last Spring, we also welcome working professionals looking to expand their network in Chicagoland.

This showcase part of our website will remain live from now forward and we hope to grow it into a robust repository of designers, technicians and managers along with all their self assigned identities and interests. Our hope is that this can be a valuable tool for hirers to assemble new and more inclusive production teams.

Please encourage your students to sign up and create their listing.  There are three steps to the process:

#1 – Sign up to exhibit: https://forms.gle/EZymcDeEZKKk9xmPA

#2 – Register for the  zoom meeting where all this exhibition fun will happen at: https://luc.zoom.us/j/82344031951

#3  Here are instructions make a listing for a portfolio on the Merritt website, this process takes 5-10 min. https://docs.google.com/document/d/17J0p5_RQSnftuWmdsaGSi5x8rNNcAlyMy0nMJGGj7qA/edit?usp=sharing

If you’d like to sign up to give exhibitors feedback that would be outstanding, please do so at this form:

Sign up to exhibit: https://forms.gle/EZymcDeEZKKk9xmPA