Exhibit- Student

Exhibit- Student

The Best Exhibit: Student Prize is $500


Students completing their Undergraduate or Graduate work in Spring of 2020 are welcome to exhibit. The Merritt Steering Committee will check with your endorsing faculty member to confirm your eligibility and readiness to exhibit.

Exhibit Guidelines

-Exhibitors will share tables, you will be given 4ft wide by 30in deep of table space.

-Some tables will be against a wall if you need to lean a board up.

-We will supply black table cloths to cover the tables.

-Exhibitors are prohibited from taping or adhering work to any wall surface.

-If you require power for a laptop or model lights please bring a small extension cord. Bring your own power strip as needed.

-Wi-Fi will be available.

-The tables will be assigned when you arrive.

– You are welcome to bring dress forms for costume presentation. Choose a table at the end of a row.

-Setup is from 3pm-4:30pm

-The exhibit will open at 5pm. It is recommended that exhibitors stay at their tables to meet folks. Exhibits should stay up until 10:00pm. Please do not strike your exhibit until after 10pm.

Ticket Cost

The cost of exhibiting and attending the awards event is combined in one ticket.  For students that cost is $5.  Purchase your student exhibitor ticket here.

Reserve Your Space

Now please purchase your ticket from the link above.


Email:  fmaggio at colum dot edu  with any and all questions.


Adjudication Criteria

Designs – Originality & Creativity: 
Do the designs exhibited demonstrate an innovative and/or a compelling artistic voice?

Exhibit – Originality & Creativity: 
Does the exhibit itself contain innovation and/or other evidence of originality? 

Context and Conceptual Clarity:
Does the exhibitor provide clear context for the designs; rationale, reference materials, director goals, etc.?

Does the exhibit demonstrate substantial range of methods, approaches, mediums and/or materials across the work of the designer?

Quality and Professionalism:   
Do the exhibit materials and presentation demonstrate mastery of technical/craft skills appropriate to the design discipline?

The exhibition judging panel is shaping up to be an amazing list this year. A wonderful cross-section of directors from varying sizes and styles of theaters. So some great eyes looking to hire new designers will be guaranteed to look at your work. Sign up to exhibit today!

Last year’s guest jurors included:

Majel Cuza Production Manager Victory Gardens
Dorothy Milne Artistic Director Lifeline Theatre
Nick Bowling Associate Artistic Director TimeLine Theatre Company
Will Bishop Production Manager Chicago Children’s Theatre
Ellen Willett Production Manager Remy Bumppo
Amy Rubenstein Artistic Director Windy City Playhouse
Jennifer McClendon Production Manager Lifeline Theatre
Scott Miller Production Manager Northlight Theatre
Matt Hawkins Director
Reginald Lawrence Artistic Director MPAACT
Rose Quealy VP of Productions Paramount Theatre
Greg Vinkler Artistic Director Peninsula Players
Lauren Lundy Company Manager MPAACT
Kat Sirico Production Manager Emerald City Theatre
Maggie Fullilove-Nugent Production Manager TimeLine Theatre Co
Helen Lattyak Production Manager TUTA
Jamal Howard Artistic Associate Emerald City Theatre
Josh Zagoren Artistic Director WildClaw Theatre
Kristina Valada-Viars Director / Actress
Katie Siegel Artistic Director Eclectic Full Contact Theatre
Jim Davis Lab Theatre Production Manager Northwestern University