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Recent News

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We need your input on who deserves, or needs to be recognized in our community

The 2023 Merritt Awards will be held at Steppenwolf Theatre, on Monday May 22nd!

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We stand against racism.

The Michael Merritt Awards Committee stands united against racism. Hate crimes against AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) communities have risen dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to help:

1. Listen: Make yourself available to your friends. Let them know you are thinking about them.

2. Learn: End the model minority myth by educating yourself on the wide variety of AAPI experiences.

3. Speak up: If you see something, say something:

4. Support your local AAPI owned small businesses.

5. Amplify AAPI artists, authors, activists by sharing their stories and work.

6. Donate:    Stop AAPI Hate:    

Asian American Advancing Justice:    

AAPI Women Lead:    

Movement Hub:    

Asian Health Services: