Exhibit- Student

Exhibit- Student


Students completing their Undergraduate or Graduate work in Spring are welcome to exhibit.

Exhibit Guidelines

-Exhibitors will share tables, you will be given 4ft wide by 30in deep of table space.

-Some tables will be against a wall if you need to lean a board up.

-We will supply black tablecloths to cover the tables.

-Exhibitors are prohibited from taping or adhering work to any wall surface.

-If you require power for a laptop or model lights please bring a small extension cord. Bring your own power strip as needed.

-Wi-Fi will be available.

-The tables will be assigned when you arrive.

– You are welcome to bring dress forms for costume presentation. Choose a table at the end of a row.

-Setup is from 3pm-4:30pm

-The exhibit will open at 5pm. It is recommended that exhibitors stay at their tables to meet folks. Exhibits should stay up until 10:00pm. Please do not strike your exhibit until after 10pm.

Ticket Cost

The cost of exhibiting and attending the awards event is combined in one ticket. For students that cost is $5.  Purchase your student exhibitor ticket here.


Email:  Merrittawards@gmail.com with any and all questions about the Exhibition.

Prize for Best Exhibit: Student Designer

This annual award recognizes the most outstanding student designer exhibit at the Designer Expo with a $500 prize.

Adjudication Criteria

Designs – Originality & Creativity:
Do the designs exhibited demonstrate an innovative and/or a compelling artistic voice?

Exhibit – Originality & Creativity:
Does the exhibit itself contain innovation and/or other evidence of originality?

Sustained Activity & Accomplishment:
Does the exhibit demonstrate substantial scope and variety across the work of the designer?

Context and Conceptual Clarity:
Does the exhibitor provide clear context for the designs; rationale, reference materials, director goals, etc.?

Quality and Professionalism:
Do the exhibit materials and presentation demonstrate mastery of technical/craft skills appropriate to the design discipline?