Collaborations of Merritt 2021 Festival Gallery

Collaborations of Merritt 2021 Festival Gallery

Combined All Group Highlight Slideshow

Participating Theaters

  • Albany Park Theatre Project
  • American Players Theatre
  • A Red Orchid
  • Chicago Children’s Theatre
  • Chicago Shakespeare Theatre
  • Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park
  • Detroit Public Theatre
  • Gift Theatre
  • Jackalope Theatre
  • Jungle Theater
  • Kansas City Repertory Theatre
  • Lifeline Theatre
  • Mercury Theater Chicago
  • Minnesota Opera
  • Opera Omaha
  • Raven Theatre
  • Remy Bumppo Theatre
  • Skylight Music Theatre
  • Steep Theatre
  • Theatre Latte Da
  • Timeline Theatre
  • Victory Gardens Theatre

Celebration of Plays and Operas

As you plan your upcoming seasons please give special attention to the amazing plays and operas that inspired our teams this summer. These works by BIPOC, Women & LBGTQIA+ Playwrights and Composers move us to collaborate.

  • The Enchantment by Victoria Benedictsson; adapted by Clare Bayley
  • Refugee Rhapsody by Yussef El Guindi
  • Antigonick by Anne Carson
  • Jelly’s Last Jam by George C. Wolfe
  • Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights by Gertrude Stein
  • CITRUS by Celeste Jennings
  • Dogeaters by Jessica Hagedorn
  • The Woman in Black by Susan Hill
  • Richard and Jane and Dick and Sally  by Noah Diaz
  • Dance Nation by Clare Barron
  • This Is Not The Play by Chisa Hutchinson
  • 36 views by Naomi Iizuka
  • Dara by Tanya Ronder / Shahid Nadeem
  • 水の駅 Mizu no Eki (The Water Station) by 太田省吾 Ota Shogo (trans. Mari Boyd)
  • Silent Sky by Lauren Gunderson
  • The Muckle Man by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
  • Screech Owl by Madison Fiedler
  • Do you Feel Anger?  by Mara Nelson-Greenberg
  • Harvest by Manjula Padmanabhan
  • Alice in Wonderland (Opera) by Unsuk Chin & David Henry Hwang
  • Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play by Anne Washburn
  • Late: A Cowboy Song by Sarah Ruhl
  • The Space Between Stars by Christine Lesaik

Festival Information

  • Committee Leaders: Joanie Schultz & Chelsea M. Warren
  • Producing Committee: Rachel Healy, Izumi Inaba, Lee Keenan & Jacqueline Penrod
  • Special Thanks: Jonathan Berry, Sarah Hughey & Mikhail Fiksel
  • Festival Structure and Timeline

Thanks to the Artists and Managers giving their time to give our teams feedback.

  • David Feiner, Producing Artistic Director, Albany Park Theater Project
  • Brenda DeVita, Artistic Director, American Players Theatre
  • Leda Hoffman, Artistic Director, CATCO
  • Jacqueline Russell, Co-Founder & Artistic Director, Chicago Children’s Theatre
  • Will Bishop, Director of Production, Chicago Children’s Theatre
  • Barbara Gaines, Artistic Director, Chicago Shakespeare Theater
  • Blake Robison, Artistic Director, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park
  • Courtney Burkett, Producing Artistic Director, Detroit Public Theatre
  • Michael Patrick Thornton, Co-Founder & Artistic Director, The Gift Theatre
  • Lanise Antoine Shelley, Artistic Director, The House Theatre
  • Kaiser Ahmed, Artistic Director, Jackalope Theatre
  • Christina Baldwin, Artistic Director, Jungle Theater
  • Stuart Carden, Artistic Director, Kansas City Repertory Theatre
  • Amelia Ablan, Production Manager, Lifeline Theatre
  • Ilesa Duncan, Artistic Director, Lifeline Theatre
  • Walter Stearns, Executive Producer, Mercury Theater Chicago
  • Karen Quisenberry, Chief Production Officer, Minnesota Opera
  • Kurt Howard, Producing Director, Opera Omaha
  • Cody Estle, Artistic Director, Raven Theatre
  • Kirsten Fitzgerald, Artistic Director, A Red Orchid Theatre
  • Marti Lyons, Artistic Director, Remy Bumppo Theatre
  • Michael Unger, Artistic Director, Skylight Music Theatre
  • Peter Moore, Artistic Director, Steep Theatre
  • Peter Rothstein, Artistic Director, Theater Latté Da
  • Nick Bowling, Associate Artistic Director, Timeline Theatre Company
  • Ken-Matt Martin, Artistic Director, Victory Gardens Theatre

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