Scenic Designer

Scenic Designer

While I am actively pursuing my Master of Fine Arts degree in scenic design at Indiana University in Bloomington, I am eager to return home to the Boston area upon graduation. I would like to thank my cohort, creative team, professors and faculty as well as my friends, family, and partner for their everlasting support through life, as well as through all my educational endeavors.

I am extremely interested and passionate about plays and musicals that express the importance of art, representation, and self-empowerment in relation to today’s society. How can we improve our own individual situations, while also assisting to make the changes we need on a world-wide scale? Am I enough to trigger a difference? Can we try anyway?

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”

-JRR Tolkien / Gandalf


Salem State University Creativity Award Recipient (2019)

Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Region 1 scenic design nominee (2019)

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