Student Exhibitor Guidelines

Student Exhibitor Guidelines

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Students completing their Undergraduate or Graduate work in Spring of 2022 are welcome to exhibit. The Michael Merritt Award Committee will check with your endorsing faculty member to confirm your eligibility and readiness to exhibit.

Exhibit Guidelines

-Exhibitors will share tables, you will be given 4ft wide by 30in deep of table space.

-Some tables will be against a wall if you need to lean a board up.

-We will supply black table cloths to cover the tables.

-Exhibitors are prohibited from taping or adhering work to any wall surface.

-If you require power for a laptop or model lights please bring a small extension cord. Bring your own power strip as needed.

-Wi-Fi will be available.

-The tables will be assigned when you arrive.

– You are welcome to bring dress forms for costume presentation. Choose a table at the end of a row.

-Setup is from 3pm-4:30pm

The exhibit will open at 5pm. It is recommended that exhibitors stay at their tables to engage judges and the public. The Dialogue with the Designers and the Awards Ceremony will be happening from 7:00pm – 9:00pm. Booth rounds will continue at 9:00pm, so exhibitors should return to their booths. Exhibits should remain set-up until 10:00pm.┬áPlease do not strike your exhibit until after 10:00pm.

Ticket Cost

The cost of exhibiting and attending the awards event is combined in one ticket.  For students that cost is $5.

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Email: with any and all questions.

The judging criteria for students can be found here.